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Revolver Review: Korth's Latest The Mongoose .44 MAG - Power & Elegance!

When it comes to the Mongoose at Somarriba, we have stood by our statement that it is undoubtedly the best revolver in the world, not based on opinion but the fact that their ball bearing based system simply outdoes everyone else.

As of earlier this month, the Mongoose is now available with the power of the .44 Magnum and is beautifully designed in 3" and 4" barrel lengths.


Many of us have always preferred the look and feel of the more elegant Mongoose, compared to it's counterparts the Supersport, but have desired the sheer power of the .44 Magnum. Finally Korth has answered our prayers and released the Korth .44 Mag.

It a classically designed revolver that would make Clint Eastwood proud, holding six rounds of ammunition and cycles on point every time. The trigger face has been high polished, and the incredibly smooth action is truly something to behold whether shooting single or double action. The rear sight is fully adjustable with a gold bead front sight. This revolver comes standard with a ventilated rib, DLC finish and a Turkish Walnut grip. The frame and all parts are fully machined from the finest billet steel available.


Browse our collection of both Korth's and Nighthawk's most limited firearms!


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