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Rifle Review: Gunwerk's Nexus - Luxury With Cutting Edge Tech!

The Gunwerks Nexus represents a significant leap forward in the realm of precision rifles, combining luxury with cutting-edge technology to create a future-proof platform that exceeds the limitations of traditional designs like the Remington 700 platform. This rifle system, born from over two years of meticulous research and development by Gunwerks, is revered for its advanced features and unparalleled performance in the field.


One of the flagship features of the Nexus is its quick-change barrel system that allows shooters to swap barrels easily using a T25 wrench, facilitating caliber changes without headspace issues. This feature is underpinned by precision-machined bolt heads and barrel extensions, enhancing the rifle's versatility and adaptability to different shooting conditions​​. Moreover, the carbon fiber Nexus stock features leather panels on the grip and cheekpiece, providing a comfortable and secure contact surface for the shooter. This design choice not only adds a touch of elegance but also functionality, ensuring a stable and comfortable shooting experience. The vertical grip and thumb shelves, along with an adjustable trigger shoe, further contribute to the rifle's ergonomic excellence​​.

With Gunwerks' commitment to precision, it is no surprise that the Nexus has demonstrated exceptional accuracy. Third-party shooters have reported impressive groupings with various ammunition types, highlighting the rifle's capability to perform consistently across different loads and distances. Whether for hunting or precision shooting, the Nexus's accuracy stands out as a defining characteristic​​​​.

Gunwerks is not only committed to precision but durability as well, the Nexus features a receiver machined out of 7075 aluminum with a Type 3 hard-coat anodized finish, ensuring durability without the need for a steel receiver. The use of machined aluminum double-stack detachable box magazines and a bottom metal that incorporates an ARCA rail transitioning into a Picatinny rail section speaks to the rifle's robust and thoughtful design​​.

Beyond its technical prowess, the Nexus is designed for versatility. The ability to easily switch between calibers like 6.5 PRC and .300 PRC, among others, positions the Nexus as a multi-purpose rifle suitable for various game and distances. Its modular design allows shooters to customize the rifle to their specific needs and preferences, further enhancing its appeal among serious hunters and precision shooters​​.

The Gunwerks Nexus is a comprehensive shooting system that challenges the status quo with its innovative design, unparalleled accuracy, and versatility. The Nexus is a testament to Gunwerks' engineering prowess and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in rifle technology.


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