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Pistol Review: Springfield Armory's Ronin

The Springfield Armory Ronin is a modern reincarnation of the classic 1911, blending time-tested design with contemporary features. This series offers firearms ideal for both carry and range use, striking a balance between performance, aesthetics, and affordability.


The Ronin series is renowned for its robust construction and reliable performance. Ronin models, including the 4.25-inch and 5-inch versions, are equipped with a match-quality stainless steel barrel, which goes a long way to ensuring precision and longevity. The series boasts frames constructed from either forged aluminum or stainless steel, which contribute to both the sturdiness and sleek appearance of the handguns. Moreover, Springfield did not skip out on the safety features, including an extended strong-side safety and a high-sweep beavertail that prevents hammer bite effectively.

The Ronin's trigger system is particularly noteworthy. Depending on the exact model, the triggers range from around 3 to 5 pounds and are praised for their crispness and minimal creep, which significantly enhance the shooting accuracy. These pistols are also equipped with tactical rack white-dot rear sights and a bright fiber-optic front sight, providing an excellent sight picture for target acquisition.

Designed with the user in mind, the Ronin caters to both new and seasoned shooters and is suitable for various uses from personal defense to recreational shooting. Their recoil management is commendable, with the heavier .45 ACP models offering a smooth shooting experience, and the 9mm variants providing a softer alternative for those sensitive to recoil.

The ergonomics of the Ronin are designed for comfort and control. Thin-profile wood grips with laser checkering ensure a secure hold, enhancing the shooter's confidence and control over the firearm. The overall design maintains a low profile, making these pistols an excellent choice for concealed carry without sacrificing the classic 1911 aesthetic.

All in all, the Springfield Armory Ronin combines the elegance and performance of traditional 1911s with the enhancements necessary for modern tactical and practical use. Its affordability, coupled with high-quality construction and reliable performance, makes it a standout choice for a wide range of firearm enthusiasts​


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