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A Passion for Perfection:

Somarriba, Inc. was founded in 1998 in Miami, Florida by Manuela Somarriba and Jose Somarriba Sr. Our founders discovered a passion for outdoors and sporting firearms at a young age and with that passion Jose Somarriba Sr. and his wife created Somarriba, Inc. now a leading company in the firearms industry.  Jose Somarriba Sr., an avid hunter himself, built his first hunting rifle at age twelve. He has been considered a virtuous gunsmith and toolmaker since a young age. Their children Claudia and Jose Jr. continued the tradition of leadership within Somarriba, Inc. with the same passion as the company founders. Our products reflect our love for nature and a passion for perfection.


Rifle Makers and Gunsmiths
We combine fine craftsmanship and state of the art technology to produce superior gun works and ingenious firearms solutions. Whether it is the rifle of your dreams or a gunsmith undertaking you can always count on expert knowledge, extensive experience and a drive to excellence on each and every project. 

Fine Product Outfitters
We are proud dealers of exclusive premier sporting brands and superlative firearm products.  Our shop offers top grade items -beautiful shotguns, high-performance rifles, reliable handguns,  sharp optics, and the finest gun accessories. Every one of our products excels quality standards at each and every level.

Our pledge
To provide  everyone of our clients with gun expertise, professional products, and friendly service. This is an ongoing promise we strive to improve every day.

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