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Rifle Review: Cooper Firearms M52 Western Classic

The Cooper Firearms Model 52 Western Classic is a standout rifle that blends traditional craftsmanship with modern precision. Known for its impeccable build quality and stunning aesthetics, this rifle is a testament to Cooper Firearms' commitment to excellence.


At the heart of the Model 52 Western Classic is a robust action that guarantees reliability and accuracy. The rifle features a fully adjustable, single-stage trigger, known for its crisp break and minimal pull weight variation. This makes it an excellent choice for precision shooting and hunting alike. The trigger is adjustable down to 16 ounces, but it is important to note adjustments to the trigger should be done by a qualified gunsmith.

This Western Classic boasts a AAA+ Claro walnut stock with a shadowline cheekpiece and an African ebony tip. The stock's hand-rubbed oil finish and wrap-around hand checkering provide both beauty and functionality, offering a comfortable and secure grip. The rifle also features a 24-inch octagonal chrome-moly premium match barrel, which heavily contributes to its notable accuracy​​.

In the field, the Model 52 Western Classic excels, offering hunters a reliable and accurate firearm. Weighing between 6.75 to 8.0 pounds, it strikes a balance between sturdiness and portability, making it suitable for various hunting scenarios. The M52's level of precision, combined with the rifle's elegant design, makes it a favorite among serious hunters and shooting enthusiasts​.

Moreover, the rifle's detachable magazine system, which blends seamlessly with the stock's bottom metal, adds to its practicality and aesthetic appeal. This single-column magazine design enhances receiver rigidity by requiring less metal removal, further improving accuracy​​.

Overall, the Cooper Firearms Model 52 Western Classic is a premium rifle that offers exceptional performance and timeless beauty. Whether you're an avid hunter or a collector of fine firearms, the Model 52 Western Classic is sure to impress with its precision, craftsmanship, and elegant design.


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