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IN STOCK: Korth Classic "Bronze" - The Epitome of Beauty!

The Korth Classic stands as a rare and exceptional revolver, epitomizing the ultimate dream in firearm sophistication. Crafted by Germany’s foremost gunsmiths, the Classic is a testament to a time when firearms seamlessly merged practicality with artistic elegance.


Each element, including its frame, is precisely engineered and handcrafted from the finest billet steel available. The Classic's crowning glory is its distinctive, high polished Bronze DLC Gloss Finish, which instantly captivates onlookers. Its refinement is further enhanced by the gold TiN-coated, high-polished trigger face and other control elements.

In terms of performance, the Classic boasts Korth’s revolutionary roller bearing trigger system, acclaimed as the top trigger system for revolvers worldwide. This system consistently impresses even the most experienced revolver enthusiasts with Korth’s flawless engineering upon use.

Additionally, the Classic is chambered in .44 Magnum, a caliber noted for its outstanding stopping power and adaptability, making it suitable for both hunting and self-defense. This caliber choice adds to the appeal of possessing such an exquisitely made and high-performing firearm, marrying aesthetics and practicality.

Completing the package, this model includes polished Walnut grips which, when contrasted with the striking glossy Bronze DLC, results in an undeniably stunning firearm.


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