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The Best of the Best: Korth's Mongoose Revolver

While there are many amazing revolvers in the world, there are very few that you can say are truly unparalleled and simply remarkable.

Enter, the Korth Mongoose.


The Mongoose is a revolver that calls back to the days that when a revolver was built, it was a hand-made piece art. The Mongoose delivers on that sentiment while utilizing modern materials and manufacturing techniques.

The smooth action of the Mongoose is something that will leave a lifelong impression to even the most experienced competition revolver shooter. After firing the Mongoose, all other revolvers will pale in comparison.

Simply put, there is no better revolver than Korth's Mongoose.


The versatility of Korth's Mongoose is truly without equal.

As an optional accessory, the Mongoose comes with a 9mm cylinder assembly. In less than ten seconds you can go from the high-power .357 Magnum to the inexpensive 9mm cartridge.

Not only that, but thanks to Korth's proprietary ejection system that utilizes a special extractor with claws that extend from the extractor star to hook the rim of the cartridge case when the ejector rod is pressed, moon clips are no longer necessary.

Moving onto the feature that truly distinguishes the Mongoose from any other revolver, the rolling trigger. Using Korth's patented rolling trigger mechanism, the Mongoose sports a trigger like no other. While double action firing, there is ZERO take-up, grittiness, or pull-back of any kind. This level of smoothness is truly unparalleled. It doesn't stop there, Korth's rolling trigger mechanism allows for easy trigger adjustment via the screw hammer main spring.

Korth also outfitted the Mongoose with a skeletonized hammer with deep grooves that line up perfectly, making one-handed cocking a breeze.

The fit and finish of the Mongoose are simply superb, as expected. It sports a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) finish that is extremely corrosion resistant, incredibly durable, and looks phenomenal.

While firing the .357 Magnum, a solid grip is a necessity to achieve an accurate and precise group. That is where the custom Hogue monogrip comes into play. The tactile rubber material and finger grooves provide a very steady grip while shooting.


At Somarriba, Inc., we have every barrel length of the Mongoose available for purchase; 3", 4", 5.25”, and 6”. Do not pass up the chance to own the best revolver in the world.

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