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Rifle Review: Volquartsen's Oryx - High-Quality Construction & Performance!

The Volquartsen VF-ORYX is a precision rimfire rifle that has been gaining attention in the shooting community for its high-quality construction and performance. This rifle is designed for precision shooting, making it a great choice for both competitive shooters and recreational users.


One of the standout features of the VF-ORYX is its CNC-machined stainless steel receiver, which provides a solid foundation for the rifle. The receiver is equipped with an integral 20 MOA rail, which is ideal for long-range .22 LR shooting. The VF-ORYX also boasts a Snake Fluted Barrel that is threaded into the receiver, enhancing the rigidity between the barrel and action and ultimately improving accuracy.

The rifle's internal components are CNC-machined and wire-EDM crafted, ensuring unparalleled reliability. The CNC-machined bolt of the VF-ORYX includes a round titanium firing pin and a tuned extractor, which contributes to its improved performance and function.

The VF-ORYX's trigger group, the TG2000, provides a crisp, clean 2.25 lb trigger pull. Both pretravel and overtravel are adjustable to the shooter's preference, allowing for a more tailored shooting experience.

Another notable aspect of the VF-ORYX is its ORYX chassis from MDT. This one-piece integrated aluminum chassis and buttstock are designed to improve the consistency and accuracy of the rifle, regardless of whether you're shooting from a bench, bipod, or prone position. The chassis features a free-floating barrel, contoured forend grip, adjustable cheek riser, and overmolded pistol grip for added comfort and stability. Additionally, a .25" spacer in the buttpad allows for adjustable length of pull (LOP).

In summary, the Volquartsen VF-ORYX represents a significant step forward in precision rimfire rifles, offering a high level of customization and precision for a range of shooting disciplines.


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