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Rifle Review: Proof Research's Tundra - Tactical Precision Blended With High-Country Hunting!

The Proof Research Tundra represents a significant leap in the realm of bolt-action rifles, ingeniously blending tactical precision with the rugged demands of high-country hunting. Renowned for pushing the boundaries of rifle technology, Proof Research has once again delivered a product that excels in performance. The Tundra stands out as a lightweight hunting platform designed for long-range accuracy, a feat that begins with its base weight of just over 7 pounds.

This remarkable weight reduction does not compromise on accuracy, with Proof Research ensuring a sub 1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee across its range​.


Critical to the Tundra's design is its use of carbon fiber, both in the stock and the Sendero contour barrel, which not only reduces weight but also enhances durability and performance. This choice of materials provides significant advantages in heat dispersion and rigidity, essential for maintaining accuracy over extended periods​​. The stock, a modern take on the timeless Monte Carlo design, integrates adjustability with a knob-lock height-adjustable cheekpiece, allowing for a tailored cheek weld that aids in consistent and intuitive eye-to-scope alignment. This adjustability is critical for precision at long distances, where consistency is key.

The Tundra is also equipped with a Trigger Tech trigger, known for its clean break and short reset, and a Defiance Ruckus action that is machined to exceptionally tight tolerances. This ensures reliable performance and further contributes to the rifle's remarkable accuracy. Additionally, the barrel is threaded to accommodate aftermarket muzzle devices, offering customization options for the discerning hunter​.

Available in a wide range of calibers to suit various hunting and shooting needs, the Tundra is as versatile as it is precise. This wide selection ensures that hunters can choose the perfect match for their specific hunting environment and game.

All in all, the Tundra is a marvel of modern rifle engineering, marrying the precision of tactical rifles with the portability and ruggedness required for high-country hunting. It is a testament to Proof Research's commitment to innovation, offering shooters a highly accurate, customizable, and reliable rifle designed for the most demanding outdoor environments.


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