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Accessory Review: Blaser's Carbon Fiber Shooting Stick 2.0 - Enhancing The Shooting Experience!

The Blaser Carbon Fiber Shooting Stick 2.0 is a remarkable innovation in hunting gear, designed to enhance the shooting experience in various terrains and conditions. This product is a testament to Blaser's commitment to quality and practicality in hunting equipment.


Crafted from robust and lightweight carbon fiber, the Blaser Shooting Stick weighs only 985 grams, making it easy to carry during long hunting trips. Its adjustable length, ranging from 1.24 meters to 1.98 meters, ensures versatility and adaptability to different shooting heights​​​​. The shooting stick comes with a padded case for convenient transportation and storage​​.

A flagship feature of this shooting stick is its patented swiveling pistol grip. This innovative design allows hunters to track game over a lateral range of 20 meters, at a shooting distance of 100 meters, without needing to reposition the stick, allowing for enhanced stability and accuracy​​​​. The front rest of the stick, equipped with this grip, is rotatable for swift alignment and tracking of moving targets​​.

Furthermore, the stick includes low-noise foam grips and rubber base pieces, making it ideal for stalking and mountain hunting. The revised elastomer twist locks for height adjustment contribute to a more stable stand in any hunting situation. Additionally, a scale printed on the legs helps in quickly adjusting the stick to the same height every time, a valuable feature in time-sensitive situations​​.

All in all, the Blaser Carbon Fiber Shooting Stick 2.0 is a well-designed, innovative tool for hunters seeking stability, versatility, and precision in various hunting scenarios. Its lightweight construction, adjustable features, and unique swiveling pistol grip make it a worthy addition to any hunter's equipment arsenal, albeit at a premium price.


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