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Shotgun Review: Fausti's DEA - Unmatched Charm!

In a world where modern tactical firearms are dominating the scene all too often, the Fausti DEA side-by-side shotgun offers a refreshing nod to traditional craftsmanship and elegance. Originating from Italy's renowned Gardone Valley, Fausti has been crafting fine shotguns since 1948, and is still under family ownership till this day. The DEA, meaning "goddess" in Italian, exemplifies the blend of aesthetic beauty and functional precision that Fausti shotguns are renowned for.


The DEA model is designed with an English influence, characterized by its sleek, balanced profile that appeals to traditionalists and modern sportsmen alike. Available in various gauges, the shotgun's scaled action ensures that each model maintains proportionate handling characteristics. The 20- and 28-guage in particular are built exceptionally well with their lightweight and maneuverable build, making them ideal for the finesse required in upland game hunting​​

Fausti's consistent attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the DEA. From the elegant scroll engraving on the action to the finely checkered walnut stock, each element of the firearm is crafted to enhance both the gun's performance and visual appeal. Experience shooters often note the smooth handling and balanced weight distribution, which heavily contribute to its reliable performance in the field. Moreover, the shotgun is equipped with fixed chokes, tailored to the shooter's preference, allowing for precise shot patterns suited to different hunting scenarios.

.While definitely having a great emphasis on traditional craftsmanship, Fausti still incorporates modern manufacturing techniques in the building of the DEA. The use of CNC machinery in Fausti's factory guarantees precision components, while traditional hand-finishing techniques impart each shotgun with a unique touch. It is this fusion of the traditional and modern that gives DEA, and Fausti shotguns as a whole, a timeless appeal

For enthusiasts who value the heritage and craftsmanship of classic side-by-side shotguns, the Fausti DEA represents a pinnacle of design and functionality. It is a piece that not only performs excellently in the sporting field but also stands as a collector's item, embodying the enduring legacy of Italian gunmaking​.


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