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Shotgun Review: Fausti's Caledon Field - No Compromise On Quality!

The Fausti Caledon Field is a remarkable over/under shotgun that has been positioned by Fausti as an entry-level model, without compromising on quality. The Fausti Caledon features a coin-finish receiver engraved with a unique pattern, showcasing a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional design​.


One of the notable aspects of the Fausti Caledon is its construction. It's an all-steel built shotgun with the robustness of a bank vault, and is expected to last for generations. The shotgun employs Fausti's patented Four Locks System, which with its four lugs machined into the receiver, ensures a secure lock-up against harsh recoil, especially when using the kind of ammunition used for hunting ducks, geese, and other high-flying birds. This feature also aids in maintaining the shotgun's accuracy over its lifespan. The receiver of the Caledon is machined from a single forged steel billet, reflecting a high standard of manufacturing.

The Caledon boasts a number of other features that enhance its user experience and performance. It's equipped with a barrel length of 28 inches and comes with five standard flush chokes, offering versatility to the shooter. The field-style forend and a pistol grip contribute to its comfortable and maneuverable feel. The shotgun also demonstrates a solid performance in the field, with a commendable balance point that aids in smooth and even swinging, crucial for maintaining target-line integrity during shooting​.

Fausti didn't only focus on practicality and functionality but visual appeal as well. It introduces visual upgrades like the Optiwood, a laser-enhanced walnut grain with robust checkering, and a new Fausti logo on the black trigger guard. Additionally, the bold laser acanthus scroll engraving bordered within a distinctive shape, along with a gold bird ornament on the receiver, adds to the shotgun's aesthetic allure, making it a captivating piece not only in function but in form as well​​.

The Fausti Caledon Field emerges as a solid choice for those entering the realm of wing and clays shooting, offering a blend of affordability, performance, and visual appeal, all packaged in a well-built, durable shotgun.


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