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Shotgun Review: Caesar Guerini's Magnus Sporting LE - A Genuine Piece Of Mechanical Art!

Being the versatile and ingenuity-based company that they are, Caesar Guerini has taken one of their most popular shotguns the Magnus , analyzed it while incorporating customer feedback, and released the Magnus Sporting. A shotgun packed with all new features along with an incredibly improved ergonomic design.

It doesn't stop there, the Magnus Sporting LE is not only a perfectly functioning over/under, but also a genuine piece of mechanical art!


Starting off with the improvements made, Caesar Guerini immediately went to improve the already great handling of the Magnus series by removing weight out of the muzzle end of the barrel allowing for better balance while maintaining the durability of the barrel. Moreover, they have created a new top rib featuring an eight to ten millimeter taper and as expected elegantly sculpted rib posts.

Now all Magnus series shotguns are outfitted with a deluxe grade Turkish Walnut stock that with a traditional hand rubbed oil finish that really brings out the vibrancy of the wood grain, however, the Magnus Sporting is outfitted with a re-shaped stock that has increased the mass for enhanced recoil reduction.

Now for the absolutely gorgeous aesthetics of the Magnus Sporting, the side plate features an upgraded engravings depicting both pheasant and woodcock game scenes in gold encircled by ornamental scroll that covers much of the receiver. What truly catches the eye however is the exquisite contrast between the case hardening and the gold inlay. Not only that, but Caesar Guerini's unique side plates have no pins or screws allowing for a perfectly smooth receiver with uninterrupted engraving.


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