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Shotgun Review: Beretta's 486 Parallelo - 10th Anniversary Edition!

The Beretta 486 Parallelo represents a the perfect blend of classic design and modern technology, marking a decade of its presence in the world of fine shotguns. This side-by-side shotgun, initially introduced to reintroduce the classic side-by-side design with contemporary advancements, has become a symbol of elegance and efficiency in the field.


At its core, the Beretta 486 Parallelo pays homage to traditional shooting while embracing the best of today's technological innovations. The shotgun's round action, adorned with lavish English-style scroll engraving, evokes a sense of classic aesthetics. This design not only adds to its visual appeal but also offers a smooth, streamlined profile, making it a joy to shoot and admire.

Internally, the 486 Parallelo incorporates new leaf springs in the action, ensuring faster and more precise firing pin engagement. This results in a super-crisp shot let-off, a feature highly prized by discerning shooters. Moreover, the introduction of a new trigger guard design keeps all moving parts captive, simplifying maintenance and enhancing reliability.

One of the most notable technological advancements in the 486 Parallelo is the incorporation of cold-hammer forged OptimaChoke barrels. These barrels, designed for a 3” chamber, are built to endure and perform with various types of shells, from target loads to high-performance rounds. Not only that, but the Triblock barrel technology employed in the 486 Parallelo eliminates visible welding lines, enhancing the barrel's strength and longevity.

Weighing just over 7 lbs, the 486 Parallelo is balanced to perfection. The point of balance at the hinge-pin, coupled with the wide plane of the side-by-side barrels, naturally guides the eye to the target. This impeccable balance, combined with its trim and low-profile action, allows for intuitive and effective aiming and shooting.

Now after discussing the 486 Parallelo as a whole, what differentiates the anniversary model from the rest? The 10th Anniversary model of the 486 Parallelo is a testament to Beretta's commitment to excellence and innovation. This special edition elevates the standard model with unique features and embellishments that celebrate its decade-long journey. While retaining the core attributes of the standard 486 Parallelo, the 10th Anniversary model introduces exclusive engravings, superior wood finishes, and limited-edition numbering of only 150 pieces, making it not just a functional piece but a collector's item.

The Beretta 486 Parallelo, in both its standard and 10th Anniversary editions, exemplifies the fusion of tradition and innovation. It offers shooters a reliable, high-performance shotgun that honors the heritage of classic firearms while embracing the advancements of the modern era. Whether used in the field or as a part of a collection, the 486 Parallelo stands as a symbol of Beretta's enduring legacy in the world of fine shotguns.


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