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Rifle Review: Volquartsen's Superlite - Featherweight & Accurate!

When it comes to the rimfire market in the United States, one name stands above the rest, Volquartsen and for good reason. Every single project they put out performs phenomenally with each having it's own unique twist and in this case we have the Superlite!


Jumping right into it, the Superlite sports this unusually lightweight, but incredibly tough CNC-machined aluminum hard anodized receiver rather than the standard stainless steel receiver usually found. The use of the high-quality aluminum in lieu of the steel allows Volquartsen to significantly reduce weight while ensuring the overall durability and reliability of the firearm.

Now at Somarriba, Inc., we do not cut corners so we went the extra mile and ordered all our Superlite's standard with a carbon fiber barrel. The benefits being further weight reduction, increased heat dissipation ability, increased accuracy due to less warping/vibration and the list goes on.

Now the aluminum receiver and carbon fiber barrel paired with an ultra lightweight, durable Hogue stock brings the total weight down to just around five pounds. Imagine that, an incredibly accurate rimfire that you can carry all day and night without feeling it. It's the perfect plinker or hunting rimfire and is the ideal choice for younger adolescents who are just being introduced to firearms.

Topping everything off, Volquartsen outfits their Superlite's with a removable Forward Blow Comp that is threaded 1/2 x 28.


Browse our collection of Volquartsen's finest rimfire rifles and pistols!


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