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Rifle Review: SAKO's 90 Series - A New Evolution!

The Sako 90 Series rifles represent a significant evolution in the world of bolt-action hunting rifles, building on the legacy of Sako's previous models like the Model 75 and 85. These rifles are designed to cater to a wide range of hunting needs, offering unparalleled accuracy, ergonomic design, and versatility.


The Sako 90 rifles are known for their exceptional build quality. They feature cold hammer-forged barrels, available in multiple profiles and designs, including options with carbon fiber-wrapping. The stock options range from traditional walnut to modern carbon fiber, impacting the overall weight which varies from 2.6kg to 3.9kg.

A standout feature of the Sako 90 series is its receiver design. The receiver minimizes contact between the bolt and receiver, ensuring an exceptionally smooth bolt operation. This smoothness is achieved through a broaching operation, where steel is precisely carved to match the profile of the bolt locking lugs. The design of the receiver is optimized for accuracy, with significant attention to the shape and material to minimize torsional bending/twisting. The receiver bedding is flat, different from conventional round receiver designs, enhancing repeatable accuracy.

The multi-adjustable trigger mechanism is a yet another exceptional feature, offering five different weight-of-pull settings that can be adjusted without disassembling the rifle. This flexibility allows for quick adjustments to suit different shooting disciplines.

The Sako 90 series includes several models, each designed for specific hunting needs:

  • Sako 90 Quest Ultra: Targeted at the backcountry hunter, it offers high-level adjustability and ergonomics with a carbon fiber stock and stainless steel barrel.

  • Sako 90 Quest: Similar to the Quest Ultra, it features a multi-adjustable carbon fiber stock and RTM technology for a solid and effective recoil-absorbing construction.

  • Sako 90 Peak: Known for its lightweight design, the Peak is built on the renewed Carbonlight platform, making it ideal for mountain hunts.

  • Sako 90 Adventure: As very polyvalent rifle, it is built to suit many hunting styles and disciplines. Its durability is what makes it a highly reliable rifle for beginners and seasoned hunters.

  • Sako 90 Bavarian: A traditional European-style rifle with a hogsback-combed walnut stock and a single set trigger.

  • Sako 90 Hunter: Features a regular sporter-style walnut stock and is similar to the Bavarian in terms of design and action lengths.

  • Sako 90 Varmint: A sporter rifle with a heavy, fluted barrel and a solid laminated birchwood stock.

Each of these models maintains the hallmark Sako quality and is designed to cater to different preferences in terms of weight, barrel design, and stock material. The Sako 90 series offers flexible optics mounting solutions. Some models come with a machined Picatinny receiver, while others feature Optilock mounts.

The Sako 90 Series is a testament to Sako's innovative prowess in rifle manufacturing. Whether it's the smooth bolt operation, adjustable trigger mechanism, variety in stock materials, or the range of models tailored to different hunting needs, the Sako 90 Series stands out as a versatile and high-quality option for hunters and shooting enthusiasts.


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