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Rifle Review: Proof Research Ascension - The High Country Hunter!

The Proof Research Ascension is a high-performance rifle designed primarily for high-country hunters who demand precision and reliability under challenging conditions. Built on a foundation of innovation and advanced technology, the Ascension is noted for its exceptional build quality and accuracy.


Jumping straight into the building of the Ascension, one of its flagship features is its carbon fiber-wrapped, match-grade barrel, which is a testament to Proof Research's commitment to cutting-edge materials and construction techniques. Not only does this help in reducing the overall weight of the rifle, but goes to enhance durability and performance no matter the condition. So much so that the Ascension is sold with a SUB ½ MOA accuracy guarantee.

Moreover, the rifle's stock is also made from carbon fiber which further goes to reduce weight bring the Ascension to an overall 5lbs-5oz to 6lbs-4oz, depending on caliber, making it ideal for those long treks where every pound can eventually feel like ten.

Proof also outfitted the Ascension with a TriggerTech trigger and a BDL style magazine, with a titanium action provided by Zermatt Arms, emphasizing its premium construction. Additionally, the Ascension is available in multiple calibers, including 7mm PRC, and features a range of twist rates from 1:7 to 1:10, accommodating different ballistic preferences. The muzzle is threaded, allowing for the attachment of brakes and other accessories, further enhancing its adaptability​​.

With its combination of lightweight design, robust materials, and precision engineering, the Proof Research Ascension is a top-tier choice for hunters and shooters looking for a rifle that performs exceptionally well in the demanding conditions of high-country hunting.


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