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Rifle Review: Christensen Arms' Traverse - 25th Anniversary Special Edition

After developing the first carbon fiber rifle barrel, this patented technology accelerated Christensen Arms to the forefront of the firearm manufacturing industry. Fast forward twenty five years later, they now build and manufacture some of the world's most lightweight, reliable and accurate firearms.

To commemorate these twenty five years of innovation in the firearms industry they have brought to us a special edition of their renowned Traverse model!


Before getting into the special edition features let's talk about the Traverse itself.

Released in 2019, the Traverse marries the modern materials and manufacturing of Christensen Arms with traditional styling and performance giving back country hunters the perfect firearm.

Starting with the barrel we have their eye catching aerograde carbon fiber wrapped barrel with 416R stainless steel. Topping it off is a removeable stainless side baffle brake. Moving onto the action we have a Model 14 action with dual ejectors, an extended Sako-style extractor, a 0-MOA picatinny rail and an enlarged ejection port.

Now for the stock, Christensen Arms cut no corners using a Monte-Carlo style along with their carbon fiber composite and a bottom picatinny rail to ensure state-of-the-art operation. This feature-packed rifle weighs in at 7.3 pounds and is backed by the Christensen Arms Sub-MOA Guarantee.


  • Commemorative Floor Plate

  • Commemorative Bolt Knob

  • Satin Metallic Stock Color

  • Commemorative Grip Cap

  • Commemorative Heavy Duty SKB Rifle Case

  • Special Edition Serial Number

The Christensen Arms Traverse, lightweight and extremely accurate, is every bit the backcountry/mountain rifle it's made out to be. With aerospace grade materials and construction. the Traverse has proven itself to be one of the most precise rifles on the market even when compared against many of their competitors.


  • Match Grade Trigger w/ 2.5-3.5 Trigger Pull (Adjustable)

  • Carbon Fiber Wrapped Lightweight Target Barrel

  • 0 MOA Optics Rail

  • Rail Section for Bipod

  • Side Baffle Muzzle Break w/ 1:8" Thread Twist

  • 7.3 LBS Weight

  • Enlarged Bolt Handle

  • Hand Lapped



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