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Rifle Review: Christensen Arm's Ridgeline Scout - Customized By Somarriba!

The Christensen Arms Ridgeline Scout is a compact, versatile firearm that effectively combines practicality and innovative engineering. This rifle is a testament to Christensen Arms' expertise in utilizing carbon fiber, a hallmark of their design philosophy.


The Ridgeline Scout incorporates the best features of the Ridgeline series into a compact scout rifle form. It showcases a Black-Nitride coated action, a 0-MOA optic rail, a barricade stop, and an AICS drop-box magazine, all integrated into a tan and black carbon fiber composite Sporter stock. The 16” barrel is accompanied by a removable 3-prong flash hider, making it an ideal suppressor host​​​​​​​​.

The rifle’s barrel is crafted from 416R stainless steel, wrapped in aerograde carbon fiber, ensuring both strength and lightweight characteristics. This process involves intricate steps like drilling, button rifling, and stress relieving, followed by wrapping the steel blank in carbon fiber. This meticulous process contributes to the barrel’s ultra-lightweight contour and exceptional durability​​​​.

The precision-machined receiver, treated with a durable black nitride finish, sports a skeletonized bolt handle and an oversized tactical bolt knob. The flat-shoe TriggerTech® trigger offers a clean, adjustable pull, enhancing shooting precision​​​​.

The Ridgeline Scout is not just about its build quality but also its performance. It exhibits excellent performance, feeding, firing, and ejecting without issues across various ammunition types. The action’s smoothness improves with use, and its lightweight, well-balanced design aids in intuitive handling​​.

However, when it came to aesthetic and the practicality of the appearance of the orginal stock, we, at Somarriba, found that improvements can be made. As such, we hydro-dipped the stock for more effectiveness in a vareity of hunting enviroments. We incorporated a more disruptive element which greatly assists in breaking the hunter's outline.

Its lightweight yet sturdy construction, coupled with its versatility and exceptional performance, makes it an appealing choice for hunters, shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a reliable and efficient rifle. The commitment to quality and precision evident in the Ridgeline Scout is a testament to Christensen Arms' dedication to excellence in the field of firearms manufacturing.


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