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Revolver Review: Colt's Anaconda - Power & Precision At It's Finest!

The Colt Anaconda, a name that resonates with power and precision in the world of firearms, has made a grand return, reaffirming its status as a top-tier revolver. This modern version of the Anaconda, built on an oversized Python action, is a testament to Colt's commitment to quality and performance.


The Colt Anaconda is available in both 6-inch and 8-inch barrel options, catering to different preferences and uses. The revolver is crafted from American stainless steel, giving it a robust and durable build. The semi-bright stainless steel finish on the frame, cylinder, and barrel provides a sleek and attractive appearance. This design not only enhances the revolver's aesthetics but also its durability, making it a reliable choice for various shooting activities​​.

A key feature of the Anaconda is its LL2 Linear Leaf Mainspring Design, which offers a non-stacking, smooth trigger pull, a characteristic highly praised by enthusiasts. This design contributes to a comfortable and responsive shooting experience. The black Hogue rubber grips, known for their ergonomic design, effectively assist in taming recoil, making the revolver comfortable to hold and shoot, even with the powerful .44 Magnum rounds. The revolver's heft and weight give it a substantial feel, instilling confidence in the user​​.

The Anaconda is equipped with a red ramp front sight and an adjustable rear sight, providing a clear and precise sight picture. This setup is ideal for both target shooting and hunting applications. Additionally, the revolver is drilled and tapped for optics mounts, allowing for further customization with optical sights, which can be particularly beneficial for hunters or those looking to push the revolver's accuracy potential further with red dots and similar optics​​​​​​.

In regard to performance, the Colt Anaconda excels in both the accuracy and recoil management departments. The revolver handles .44 Magnum loads effectively, with the mass of the gun and the forward weight of the vented rib barrel aiding in controlling muzzle rise. This makes it a suitable choice even for less experienced shooters. The revolver has been described as having a great balance and an even pull of the trigger, contributing to a comfortable shooting experience. The Anaconda has shown impressive accuracy with various factory loads and handloads, making it a viable option for hunting and precise target shooting​​.

The Colt Anaconda's return to the market has been well-received, reestablishing it as a symbol of American gunmaking excellence. With its combination of classic design elements and modern improvements including its robust construction, smooth trigger pull, and ergonomic grip it has catapaulted itself to one of the top choices for revolver enthusiasts. Whether used for hunting, target shooting, or as a collectible, the Colt Anaconda stands as a shining example of Colt's legacy in firearm manufacturing.


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