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Pistol Review: SIG Sauer's M400 Switchblade - The Ultimate 5.56 Pistol!

Ever since the release of SIG Sauer's M400 lineup of AR-style firearms, they have taken the industry by storm with good quality, shooting and prices leading to unmatched demand in the AR-15 industry.

Enter the newest contender in the M400 lineup, the Switchblade.


The all-new M400 Switchblade brings a level of performance unparalleled in the M400 series in such a compact, maneuverable package. The barrel comes in at 11.5" with the extended flash hider making for an excellent close quarter tactical setup. Not only that, but this 11.5" taper-profile barrel is also cold hammer-forged making the Switchblade an ideal candidate for competition as the accuracy is increased tremendously. SIG Sauer also made an excellent choice in choosing to outfit the Switchblade with Magpul's latest adjustable BSL stabilizing brace.

It does not stop there, SIG Sauer has outdone themselves with their uniquely designed ambidextrous bolt catch and release lever which gives the user unmatched flexibility and capability. What this essentially means is that you can insert a new magazine, release the bolt and continue firing all while to continue looking downrange and not skipping a beat.

To say the Switchblade is extremely well-built would not be an understatement. It features a twin locking clamp handguard for additional stability and comes with M-Lok slots giving the user limitless ability to upgrade the gun. Moreover, the Titanium Cerakote, which catches the eye of everyone who sees the Switchblade, is not only for aesthetic, but also significantly increases durability and scratch resistance.

Topping it all off, the Switchblade comes outfitted with a flat 2-Stage Matchlite Duo Trigger which is perfect for those looking to compete or those who simply love accurate guns and that should be everyone.


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