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NEW IN-STOCK: Korth's Azzurro Sportivo ALX - Only 20 Made Worldwide!

Ever since the creation of Korth's proprietary ball bearing system, their revolvers have taken the world by storm, setting themselves as the undisputed best revolver in the world. Now having the best revolver system in the world allows you to dedicate time, energy and experience into evolving other aspects of the revolver and that's exactly what the Korth engineers did.


Enter the Super Sport ALX, the model which the Azzurro Sportivo is based on, which was designed and developed after the incredibly popular Super Sport STX, but with a major distinction, it is 12 ounces lighter.

Having the same world-class roller bearing trigger system and fully machined components as the STX, the weight savings were achieved through the use of T6 Aluminum in the barrel shroud which is anodized blue, creating a unique eye-catching aesthetic. The grips of the ALX were also optimized in weight by switching to a laminated wood which allowed for lightening cuts inside the grip panels and also contributed heavily to the unique aesthetic of the ALX.

Now for the Azzurro Sportivo; the Azzurro Sportivo Limited Edition is an aluminum Super Sport of which only 20 revolvers were built. It features a limited edition, aluminum, blue anodized comp, which weighs 2.79 oz less than the traditional black steel Super Sport comp. The comp serial number matches the serial number on the revolver. The front sight can be pre-set at four different heights for quick aiming and ease of switching between distances. This model features the Lothar Walther cold-forged barrel featuring polygonal rifling. This allows you to switch from your .357 Magnum/.38 Special cylinder to your 9mm cylinder in a flash. Of course, the 9mm cylinder is included in this package.


Browse our extensive collection of the finest Korth revolvers including the Azzurro Sportivo.


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