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JUST IN: Walther's Meister Manufaktur Custom Q5's - Elegance & Performance Realized!

Walther is a company defined by their engineering passion, precision workmanship, and innovation spanning over a century. From the infamous James Bond PPK to their new line of full steel Q5's, Walther has proven themselves again and again as a firearms manufacturer that will not cut corners in the quality of their product!

Walther's Meister Manufaktur makes for the perfect blend of old-world custom engravings and new-age modern manufacturing techniques to create a line of high-end, truly incredible pistols.


The Meister Manufaktur lineup launches with four pistols all built around the popular and highly-performing Q5 Steel Frame. The Arabesque, Patriot, Black Diamond, and Black Tie models are each outfitted with their own uniquely defining features.

In their pursuit to make a truly great pistol, they have had some of the most highly skilled artisans in the world working with Walther engineers to create the perfect fusion of aesthetic embellishments with performance upgrades and state-of-the-art surface treatments.

First let's talk more about the base model of these custom pistols, the Q5 Steel Frame. Now from personal experience I can tell you the Q5 feels absolutely amazing in the hand with it's full wrap around grip making for impressive handling when shooting. The trigger is simply phenomenal, breaking crisply and with the shortest reset I have ever seen allowing for quick and easy follow up shots. When it comes to the weight, Walther has done a good job of making sure the pistol feels balanced while shooting and eliminating much of the muzzle rise that one sees when shooting polymer based firearms.

To read more on the Q5 check out the link below:

When it comes to the Meister Manufaktur line up a couple new features from Walther can be expected. While each model comes with it's own unique aesthetic, they are all outfitted with several enhanced features including their Dynamik Performance Trigger. This is a dynamic match trigger features reduced take-up, trigger stop, trigger reset and breaks like glass at 5.5lb.

Additionally, the barrel, slide, steel-frame, and even magazine base plate are all Tenifer nitride treated and polished to give superior hardness and phenomenal protection against corrosion.


The Black Diamond special edition takes the look and performance of the indomitable Q5 Steel Frame to a purposeful new dimension. With a futuristic black lustrous finish and aluminum bronze grips, this distinctive pistol imbues a pride of ownership and is a statement of class.

Unique to the Black Diamond is a Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating on several parts of the pistol, providing it with a unique high-polish finish to this elegant and sleek pistol that can’t be matched anywhere else in the world.

The special edition Black Tie is deliberately understated with its refined stainless steel look and added performance, the Black Tie is undoubtedly a modern classic.

Unique to the Black Tie is a Stinox coating which leaves an upscale satin finish with outstanding protection against corrosion and wear.


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