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JUST IN: Walther's Full Size PDP - A Phenomenal Range Gun!

With the release of the PDP in February this year, Walther has taken the firearm industry by storm establishing their PDP as one of the new industry standards. In their initial release, Walther sent us their compact and full size PDP's in 4" and 4.5" and two months later they have finally released the full size 5".

With the 4" being the ideal conceal carry out of the bunch and the 4.5" being the best all around, the 5" distinguishes itself as a superb range gun and an ideal choice for home defense.


Built off the internationally-acclaimed PPQ, Walther took over a decade of customer feedback and their increasing technological advances and fashioned it all in the PDP and the results were quite simply amazing.

In our modern day and age where red dots are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason, the PDP has been designed with RDS Ergonomics allowing the shooter to locate the red-dot instantly in any situations. Achieved through analyzing pinky pressure and offhand support, the grip angle is designed for a natural aiming position which allows for lightning-fast acquisition of the red-dot.

Another defining feature of the PDP, it's all-new ‘PDT’ Performance Duty Trigger. This new and improved trigger system has taken the previous trigger of the PPQ and shortened the length of travel and increased the "definition" of the trigger break. To put simply, the pull is light, short and breaks like glass. Another fun upgrade from the PPQ platform would be the increased 18-round capacity on the full size pistols and 15-round capacity on the compact pistols.

All together, the PDP has all the features necessary for the ideal range gun and more!

To read a more in depth review on the Walther PDP check out the link below:


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