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IN STOCK: SIG Sauer's P365 Rose Series - Empowering Women!

For firearm enthusiasts and professionals alike, Sig Sauer has long been a name synonymous with reliability, precision, and innovation. The company has consistently delivered products that meet the demands of its user base, and the P365 Rose series is no exception. Let's take a deeper dive into the specifics of the P365-380 and the P365-XL Comp models, two standout variations in this remarkable line-up.


Before getting into the specifics of the P365 compared to the P365-XL, lets explore what differentiates the Rose Series from the rest.

In partnership with World Champion Lena Miculek, the Rose initiative seeks to empower women in embracing their personal safety, advocating for comprehensive education, training, and fostering a supportive community. The Rose P365 kit offers a special edition P365 pistol, an exclusive Vaultek storage case, and a comprehensive ROSE video training series, tailored to facilitate self-paced learning. Furthermore, rooted in Lena's extensive experience in both competition and training, the Rose system provides a holistic approach, guiding beginners from initial handling to range shooting. Complementing this, the Rose community stands as a testament to women united in shared experiences, learning, and mutual encouragement.

P365-380: Compact and Efficient

The P365-380, an exciting extension of the P365 series, offers a unique blend of form and function. As implied by its name, this model is chambered in .380 ACP, a caliber recognized for its manageable recoil and consistent performance. With a frame that mirrors the original P365, it promises a compact and concealable profile, making it a top choice for everyday carry.

What's truly fascinating about the P365-380 is that, despite its reduced caliber, the firearm maintains the capacity of its 9mm siblings. This feature offers gun owners the best of both worlds: the gentler shooting characteristics of a .380 ACP with the magazine capacity commonly found in larger 9mm pistols.

P365-XL Comp: Enhanced and Refined

The P365-XL Comp model is a nod to those seeking a bit more in terms of size and features. With an extended grip and barrel length compared to the standard P365, the XL Comp variant provides users with improved stability and accuracy potential. The 'Comp' signifies the inclusion of a compensator, which is designed to redirect gases upwards, counteracting the muzzle rise during firing. The result? Enhanced control and faster follow-up shots, making it an excellent choice for competitive shooters and self-defense advocates.

Furthermore, the P365-XL Comp incorporates an optics-ready slide, facilitating the easy mounting of red dot sights, a feature rapidly gaining popularity in the world of handguns. With the sights elevated, shooters can achieve quicker target acquisition and enhanced accuracy.


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