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Pistol Review: Nighthawk's VIP - A Very Impressive Pistol

Nighthawk's VIP stands for "Very Impressive Pistol" and at Somarriba, we couldn't agree more. Nighthawk Custom has a long-standing and well-earned reputation of building the finest 1911's in the world and the VIP is a true epitome of that reputation.

From top to bottom, the VIP practically screams classy, sexy and elegant. This is a 1911 to be revered and handed down from generation to generation.


Something to establish before getting into the specifics of this magnificent piece, Nighthawk Custom strictly abides by their "One Gun, One Gunsmith" motto.

Each and every single 1911 coming out of Nighthawk Custom begins as a box of over-sized parts made from the finest materials in the United States. One of the master gunsmiths in Nighthawk's expert team refines that box of crude materials into a precise machine capable of immense accuracy.

Moving on, the VIP is not the heavily customized 1911 filled with various features from top to bottom. It is an incredibly elegant piece that vibrates a classic look and feel. The ball cuts made on the underside of the slide give the VIP an incredibly smooth feel that just flows with the hand engravings.

Speaking of engravings, at a glance the VIP's engravings seem to have the precision of laser engravings, but are actually done by only the finest master engravers at Turnbull Restoration. The scroll engravings are unlike anything I have personally seen, flowing like waves or gusts of wind making the VIP a functional piece of art.

Adding to the VIP's artistic appeal is a classic nickel finish along with exotic giraffe bone grips which are one the strongest bones in the world. Putting it all together, you have a 1911 worthy of becoming a family heirloom.

The 1911 has been hailed for decades as one of the most accurate handgun platforms ever. Nighthawk takes that to a new level working on the VIP's internals extensively ensuring each and every single part has been precisely machined by hand to literal perfection. The results are phenomenal as seen by the test fire target provided with the firearm by Nighthawk.

In the end, the VIP is a piece one must experience for oneself, but let me warn you there is no going back once you do.


Browse our extensive collection of Nighthawk's legendary 1911's including the VIP!

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