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Most Popular Firearms For First Timers + Supplies Needed To Keep Them Maintained

Recently at Somarriba, Inc., we have been helping out a great deal of first time gun owners looking to purchase a firearm for general home defense. In this blog, we'll be briefly detailing our top four bestsellers in 9mm, what's unique to each firearm and why they earned their respective spots on this list.

Not only that, but for the first time gun owner, knowing how to keep your firearm maintained is crucial to it's lifespan. As such, we will be detailing all the basic, necessary supplies needed to clean and preserve a handgun so that it can still be functional and working generations later.



1) WALTHER PPQ M2 - $573.00

When looking at the PPQ M2, it demonstrates itself as the ideal choice for the beginner. The disassembly is quite literally the easiest we've ever seen and maintaining this firearm could not be an easier. Topping it all off, the PPQ M2 comes outfitted with an ergonomic grip that fits nearly every hand perfectly and Walther's Quick Defense Trigger which ensures rapid follow up shots.

2) HK VP9 - $748.00

When it comes to high quality and incredible durability, no option is better than the VP9. Militaries around the world rely on the VP9 and it hasn't disappointed. However, with the higher quality comes an increased price tag. But if the VP9 proves anything, is that it is worthy of the price and quite literally a firearm that lasts generations.

Note: The VP9 model we have in-stock is the new 2020 model that comes with three flush-fit seventeen round magazines.

3) GLOCK G19 (GEN4) - $499.00

Notorious for their ultra reliability, easy takedown and overall reliability, Glock pistols are known around the world as an economically-priced yet dependable firearm. The G19 is a step-down from the G17 in regard to capacity going from 17 to 15 rounds. The slightly shortened frame and barrel provide for easy maneuverability and concealment when the situation calls for it.

4) GLOCK G48 - $448.00

While the G19 sports a double-stack frame with a fifteen round capacity, the G48 sports a single-stack frame with a ten round capacity. This proves more appealing to those with smaller hands and provides more concealability.



At Somarriba, Inc., we provide all the individual cleaning supplies needed as well as a complete universal cleaning kit. Each item has been carefully reviewed to ensure it provides the best care at the most economical price.



Want to know why you need a particular item or how to even break down your firearm? Call 305-252-6677 and find out now!

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