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We Are Your South Florida SAKO SELECT Dealers!

At Somarriba, Inc., we take great pride in carrying some of the best and most prestigious brands around the world. This week we are celebrating one of our best-selling manufacturers to date, SAKO!

As one of the world's most distinguished manufacturers, SAKO combines advanced technology with traditional gunsmith craftsmanship to produce quality rifles at every price level.


Somarriba's Newest SAKO Rifles:


More elegant than any bear you’ve ever seen, the 85 Grizzly rifle combines high-end walnut stock with a medium weight 21 ¼” fluted barrel and blued action. The Grizzly also features:

  • Adjustable fast target acquisition iron sights

  • Detachable staggered two row steel magazine

  • Ability to be top-loaded

  • Controlled cartridge feed

  • Adjustable single stage trigger

  • Integral dovetail rail


The 85 Bavarian Carbine is developed for hunters who appreciate a high-quality hunting rifle made of beautiful walnut and black steel. The Bavarian Carbine features:

  • A traditional oil walnut full-length stock with rosewood “schnabel” and palm swell

  • Classic checkering pattern

  • Bavarian cheekpiece and comb

  • Two way safety with bolt release lever

  • SAKO 85 conical dovetail rail

  • Adjustable iron sights

  • Detachable two row staggered steel magazine.


The Sako 85 Kodiak was designed with the true hunter in mind. The rifle features:

  • Weatherproof grey laminated hardwood stock reinforced with two cross-bolts

  • Free-floating “bull” barrel cold hammer-forged from stainless steel

  • Adjustable open sights

  • Stainless steel metal parts coated for corrosion resistance

  • Two way safety with bolt release lever

  • SAKO 85 conical dovetail rail

  • Detachable two row staggered steel magazine

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