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Pistol Review: The ALL-NEW Nighthawk Custom Counselor

The Counselor is the first in Nighthawk's new line, the Ambassador Series!

The Counselor is one of the smallest, lightest, and thinnest 1911's ever made and an ideal choice when it comes to conceal carry.


The Counselor is a 9mm, 3.5-inch barrel, 1911 Officer Model, based on a shortened lightweight aluminum frame, complete with an aluminum MSH and grip safety. Built with ultra-concealability in mind, Nighthawk outfitted the Counselor with its new bobbed-concealment beavertail and hammer, which are made smaller for concealed carry.

Featuring an 8+1 capacity, the Counselor also sports a all-new slide design. While the majority of pistol slides have "negative" serrations which means material has been machined away from the slide to create slots, the Counselor incorporates "positive" serrations. This creates a incredibly unique look while provides excellent grip.


  • 1911 Officer Model, 3.5 BBL

  • 8+1 Capacity

  • Shortened lightweight aluminum frame

  • Positive front serrations

  • Flush-Fit Magwell

  • Ultra-high undercut triggerguard

  • G10 Railscales Grip

  • Height: 5.12 inches

  • Overall Length: 7.01 inches

  • Width: 1.10 inches

  • Slide Width: 0.92 inches

  • Grip Thickness: Thin

  • Empty Weight: 27.9 ounces

Most importantly, the Counselor features the manufacturer's patent-pending Flush-Fit Magwell. Nighthawk utilizes proprietary manufacturing techniques to build the Counselor to have the same overall length of an officer frame, but with a magwell included. This combination of a small gun with a magwell included is the ultimate solution for concealed carry.

Another feature included with this model is an ultra-high undercut triggerguard which allows almost all full-sized hands to comfortably and firmly fit on the grip

Topping it all of, the Counselor is outfitted with the G10 Scales grip, which Nighthawk says were custom engineered with Railscales for this pistol and "are thinner than the thinnest 1911 grips available on the market."


Don't forget our upcoming event with Nighthawk Custom on August 3rd. Our expert team and Nighthawk Custom representative will be showcasing some of Nighthawk's most distinguished models including; the Chairman, Agent 2, War Hawk, Global Response Pistol, SuperSport, Mongoose, and MORE!

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