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Pistol Review: Nighthawk Custom's Predator II w/ Bobtail

A standard when it comes to shooting compact firearms is a higher recoil. However, with Nighthawk's Predator II, that is not the case.

Sporting a full-length guide rod and a coned match grade barrel, recoil is easily manageable under the shooters control.


With the Predator II's contemporary barrel system, the recoil is significantly decreased and shot recovery time is much swifter than any traditional sized commander with a bushing barrel.

To top it all off, Nighthawk has incorporated their Tri-Cavity Adjustable trigger that breaks crisply and cleanly.


  • Black Nitride Finish

  • Forged commander size frame

  • 4.25" barrel

  • Match grade .45 ACP stainless steel coned (wafered) bull barrel

  • Serrated slide top

  • Heinie Slant Pro Straight Eight Tritium night sights

  • Double Diamond Coco Bolo Grips

  • 25 lines per inch checkered front strap and mainspring housing

  • 40 lines per inch serrated rear of slide to match rear sight

  • Lightweight aluminum Nighthawk Custom Tri-Cavity trigger

  • Checkered recoil spring plug

  • Completely dehorned for comfortable carry

  • Ultra hi-cut front strap


Don't forget our upcoming event with Nighthawk Custom on August 3rd. Our expert team and Nighthawk Custom representative will be showcasing some of Nighthawk's most distinguished models including; the Chairman, Agent 2, War Hawk, Global Response Pistol, SuperSport, Mongoose, and MORE!

Check out our Nighthawk Collection to see more of these custom, one-of-a-kind 1911 pistols.


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