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Pistol Review: Nighthawk's Newest Addition to the Boardroom Series - The President

Nighthawk Custom expands its Boardroom Series, introducing a new 1911 model into the series, dubbed as The President. Like the name suggests, you have high-end quality exhibited in this model just like the position itself. This is only the second model that Nighthawk Custom has offered through their prestigious Boardroom Series of 1911s and like the Chairman, the President has proven to be a hit.


The President is a standard 5-inch Government Model version of the Chairman. It is a feature-rich pistol that represents the best of Nighthawk’s components, craftsmanship and creativity. At the heart of the President is the same quality components found in every Nighthawk pistol, with no MIM or polymer parts.

As with the Chairman, the President comes outfitted with a gold, match-grade barrel that is flush cut with a deep-recessed crown. However, for those that prefer a more low-profile look, a silver barrel configuration is available.

The President also features a unique slide configuration that includes heavy angle lighting cuts on both sides that allow it to cycle more rapidly when competitively shooting along with more aggressive forward and rear cocking serrations. The top of the slide has also received a tri-cut treatment with serrations and a narrow lighting port.

The rear sight sports a Heinie Black Ledge with a 18K gold bead front sight.

Moving onto the frame, the President exhibits a well-designed forged government size frame that features an ultra hi-cut front strap along with a one-piece mainspring housing/magwell that blends perfectly into the frame. Both the front strap and mainspring housing have 25 LPI checkering.

A lightweight, aluminum tri-cavity match trigger, along with Nighthawk’s ergonomically designed slide stop and safety, all make for a positive shooting experience. The entire pistol, outside of the barrel, sports a very attractive DLC finish.


As premium dealers with Nighthawk Custom we have access to all their entire catalog both standard and limited-edition. We currently house over fifteen of both their pistols and revolvers including the all-new President!

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