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Blaser's ALL-NEW Products - 2019

Blaser has introduced new models and accessories to several of their famous platforms including the R8 and K95.

Blaser has created a revolutionary stock precisely fitted for ultimate precision in the R8 and K95. The new R8 and K95 Ultimate models have set a new bar in terms of functionality and design. Their ergonomically designed two-piece thumbhole stock ensures a completely relaxed shooting position, as well as complete control of the rifle when firing.

With Blaser's newly developed, modular stock options, they can be exactly tailored to your individual needs. Blaser continuously strives to provide what is needed to shoot better in every situation


The R8 Ultimate has several stock options including:

  • ADJUSTABLE COMB - The intuitively operated, multi-level adjustable comb ensures the perfect mounting in every situation. Once the adjustable comb is fitted to your individual body proportions and your optics, the integrated memory function ensures return to the correct comb position for every shot.

  • RECOIL ABSORPTION SYSTEM - The quick and easily inserted recoil pad with recoil absorption system makes for a pleasant shooting experience, even with larger calibers. The internal absorption elements are available in different densities which can be adjusted to your preferences and produce a significantly reduced muzzle climb while shooting. The recoil absorption system, especially in combination with the R8 Ultimate Silence or another silencer option, offers unmatched comfort while shooting.

  • ADJUSTABLE RECOIL PAD - The adjustable length, height and pitch of the recoil pad offers a variety of practical advantages. It can be adjusted quickly and easily for different shooters or, depending on weather and different clothing situations.

The Ultimate also comes in different models including the Ultimate Silence which includes an integrated silencer and leather options for both the Ultimate and Ultimate Silence. The Ultimate Silence is not available in the US market yet.

Read more about the R8:


The K95 Ultimate combines tradition and technology in a unique way. The two-piece ergonomically designed thumbhole stock ensures a completely relaxed hand position, as well as optimal control for accurate shooting.

The carbon fiber offers an astoundingly high strength at an extremely low weight making the K95 Ultimate the best choice when hunting long distances through rough terrain.

The K95 Ultimate Carbon includes the same stock options listed above!


The long-awaited caliber for the R8, .22 LR, is finally here. The new barrel option along with the newly designed magazine unit and bolt head allows you to intensively train with the rifle you are accustomed to. Further advantages include the low ammunition cost and high availability anywhere in the world.


As a long-time premium dealer with Blaser, we house a considerable selection of Blaser rifles and shotguns. We invite you to see our Blaser collection online or visit our store location to handle your favorite Blaser Firearm. Our sales personnel will be able to assist you in choosing the right gun for you.

All new Blaser items from 2019 will be available for pre-order in the next few days!

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