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Pistol Review: The Volquartsen Scorpion - VC3SN‑S‑6

The Volquartsen Scorpion is the ultimate .22 LR competition pistol. It comes in several models all with their own variations, but through a basic combination of Volquartsen's LLV Competition Upper and their lightweight VC Target Frame, they have created an extremely accurate and precise pistol while maintaining an overall 2.2 lbs weight (6" BBL - VC3SN‑S‑6).

The .22 rimfire pistol market is definitely one of variety, but as always, Volquartsen differentiates from the other basic rimfire models to create something in a tier of it's own. Volquartsen's outside-of-the-box thinking has resulted in some of the most accurate and lightweight rimfire rifles and pistols in the world.


The Scorpion, as mentioned before, is a superb competition pistol. Many clients have purchased variations of the Scorpion, but the all come back with the same feedback, it is simply a tackdriver.

For those who are into handgun hunting, the Scorpion can get everything done. Many rimfire pistols are simply not accurate enough to go small game hunting. However, with the Scorpion, that it not the case. Whether your out in the field or at the range, the Scorpion is a very adaptable pistol that always gets the job done.


Going into Volquartsen's LLV Competition Pistol Upper, a CNC-machined billet receiver is the foundation of this lightweight setup. The receiver and stainless steel barrel shroud are precision-machined as one piece from aluminum. An integral Picatinny rail is machined into the top of the receiver. It is then fitted with either a 4.5" or 6" precision stainless steel barrel that has been machine-honed and lapped. The barrel has been contoured to reduce weight without sacrificing accuracy.

The VC Target Frame is also CNC-machined from billet aluminum. The complete frame is packed with all sorts of features including an extended bolt release, wire EDM-cut target hammer, target sear, a CNC-machined disconnector, and extended safety. To top it all of is comes ready with a CNC-machined target trigger that is simply phenomenal.

The Scorpion also comes outfitted with Volquartsen's Competition Bolt that is:

  • CNC-machined and ground for superior fit and finish

  • Includes Exact Edge Extractor and SureStrike Firing Pin.

  • Extended Bolt Racker machined integral to the bolt for improved manual cycling of the bolt

  • Case hardened and then treated with a high performance premium finish that offers many advantages.

  • Increased hardness

  • Low residual stress

  • Increased lubricity

  • Low coefficient of friction

  • Improved wear resistance

  • Requires much less lubrication

Due to the variety of models, Scorpions with a black finish are Type III hard anodized while Scorpions with a silver finish are NP3Plus Coated


As Volquartsen premioum dealers we have access to their entire standard inventory and custom shop. We have several models of the Scorpion in stock along with an extensive collection of their rimfire rifles!

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