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Shotgun Review: The Caesar Guerini Invictus VII Sporting & R&B Italian Shooting Vest

Caesar Guerini over/under shotguns have always been well-designed, beautifully embellished, innovative, comfortable to shoot and durable. Unveiled at the 2014 SHOT Show, the Invictus maintains all the graceful, stylish lines and handling characteristics that fine Italian guns are known for and much more.

This shotgun was not measured by how long you can shoot it but how long your children and grandchildren can shoot it - Caesar Guerini has designed the Invictus to exceed the one million-round durability mark.


The Invictus was designed with the sporting field in mind. It's well-balanced design allows for incredible smooth shooting that you would expect from any Caesar Guerini.

In fact, it shoots so smoothly that many clients have made it their primary shotgun for both clay and feather. No matter what, the Invictus is a shotgun that performs.


This amazing hallmark of gunmaking engineering was accomplished by deviating from the more typical design that incorporates trunnions or pins for the barrels to hinge on. Instead by making use of replaceable components within the action that allow for the wear on the action to be compensated for.

Like many Italian over/unders, the Invictus starts out with trunnion stub hinges, bottom lugs and a Browning-style low-position locking bolt. It’s a good basic design that has been proven through the years. Due to the low locking bolt and lugs engaging the bottom of the receiver, the action is generally slightly deeper than most over/unders.

The low-mounted locking bolt can be easily replaced just like any other modern over/under. It’s the trunnion hinge stubs and fixed bottom lugs that make the difference and merit the claim of it's extraordinarily long life. They can be changed easily so that the headspace will be returned to new.

Here’s where the Invictus really demonstrates it's proprietary design. "Rather than having conventional receiver recesses to receive the monoblock’s bottom lugs, the Invictus has the innovative replaceable Invictus Block. The block is attached to the floor of the receiver and mates with the bottom monoblock lugs to hold the barrels back against the breech face. When the block wears and headspace increases, the block can be simply replaced with a new one by removing two screws." - Bruce Buck

It could not be easier. The Invictus' clever design allows for easily replaceable locking lug, hinges and receiver block.

The rest of the Invictus follows more traditional designs. As with all Guerini shotguns, aesthetics are essential. The Invictus’ receiver is a matte silver and laser engraved with a high standard by Bottega C. Giovanelli. Laser engraving greatly evolved during the past dozen years, and Giovanelli produces Italy’s best engravings. The receiver is also heavily sculpted with ornate double fences and side cheeks.

Overall, this is a shotgun that is beautifully balanced and shoots like no other.


The perfect apparel for while out in the field is Guerini's ALL-NEW Shooting Vest's. Available for purchase at Somarriba, Inc., it pairs perfectly with any shotgun and provides all the convenience and elegance in apparel you need.


As Caesar Guerini Elite Dealers, we have access to all their limited and premium firearms including the Invictus VII and the Forum Field.

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