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Riflescope Review: The ALL-NEW Swarovski Z5 2.4-12x50

Swarovski riflescopes offer the highest level of accuracy and the ability to overcome even the most dynamic situations to allow you to focus on what matters most, the shot. The Swarovski Z5 has proven it's worth among countless clients and numerous hunting trips delivering spot-on shots every time with no exceptions! Now Swarovski has given us an all-new versatile model, the Z5 2.4-12x50.


The Z5 2.4-12x50 is very adaptable in any hunting situation whether you're hunting white tail deer or elk this mighty scope delivers performance unlike no other.

It can accommodate several different hunting profiles including, forest, mountains, and plains. In low-light conditions this all-new Swarovski riflescope has you covered with a 50 mm objective lens and high-luminosity optics that allows substantial light transmission into the eye of the shooter allowing for pinpoint accuracy.

The Swarovski Z5 2.4-12x50 is the perfect choice to hunt those whitetail ghosts that only venture in the most difficult light conditions.


The Z5 2.4-12x50 utilizes a slim 1.0” main tube, an impressive 12x magnification, a large objective, and an assortment of reticles. This Z5 weighs at only 16.2oz and has a sleek design that compliments most rifles. Because of the slim construction of the Z5, it can be easily mounted close to the barrel.

The combination of Swarovski’s state-of-the-art anti-reflective coatings and the wide objective lens enhances light transmission and improves twilight performance. The scope also features a low magnification of 2.4X for when you are viewing something up-close or on the move, making the Z5 an extremely versatile tool for hunters.

In addition to the outstanding optical performance, the Z5 is built with waterproof and fog proof technologies, Swarovski’s highest imaginable glass quality which allows incredible light transmission, and a SWAROCLEAN coating to ensure that water droplets, dirt and bug spray can be washed away with ease. You can expect a bright and crisp image whether you hunt at dawn, dusk, or on a cloudy day.

If you are searching for a simple optic with all the features you need, the Swarovski Z5 2.4-12x50 will not disappoint.


As Swarovski Premium Dealers we have an extensive collection of their various riflescopes, binoculars, accessories, and more! The Z5 in 2.4-12x50 will be available online soon!

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