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Riflescope Review: Pre-Order the ALL-NEW Swarovski dS 5-25x52 P

Swarovski has significantly risen the bar for riflescopes when it initially revealed its new digitalSmart (dS) technology. The essence of what your after while hunting is to aim accurately and hit the target with a precise shot at a moment's notice. The dS 5-25x52 P gives you everything you need to do that in the most efficient way possible using high-resolution head-up display that provides you with all the relevant data to help you have a successful hunt.

THE digitalSmart SOFTWARE

The dS software projects all relevant information in the field of view in real time without any distraction, and automatically displays the correct aiming point. You have everything you will ever need instantaneously. It does this all while taking several key factors into account including distance, air pressure, temperature, and angle with no manual adjustment required. Hunting has never been made easier.

The features of the dS software are endless. It comes incorporated with a laser rangefinder from 30 to 1,375 meters. Not only does it provide the actual distance of the target, it also projects onto the reticle a horizontal line with the corrected point of aim ensuring you place an accurate shot.

Now the dS software takes ballistic data into account allowing you to choose between a large selection of loads based on manufacturer data in the Swarovski dS configurator app. For those with custom loads it even allows you to input your own ballistic values. To top it all off, it even calculates the bullet's knock down power.

All these features are easily activated and used by connecting to the Swarovski dS configurator app using Bluetooth.

  • Travel time measurement, measurement distance: 33 - 1,500 yds (accuracy: ± 1 yd), aiming point correction: 1,120 yds

  • Progressive display of aiming points for maximum precision

  • Integrated magnification recognition, i.e. the magnification set is already taken into account then calculating the corrected aiming point.

  • Bluetooth interface for transferring data (Bluetooth 4.0/low energy)

  • dS Configurator app available for smartphones and tablets (Android & iOS) – configurable parameters:

  •  Duration of aiming point and distance display  Wind speed for wind aiming points (2 default values to choose from)  Display of impact energy as an option in joules (foot pounds)  Languages available: English/German (is linked to the language setting on the smartphone)

Personal ballistic data

 System of units (metric/imperial)

 Size of aiming point, thickness of windage marks


Measuring 403 millimeters and weighing 1,090 grams, the Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P riflescope does have a substantially sized 40mm central tube, but it does follow the general outline of a classic scope. Nonetheless, a large central tube has proven to be a very trivial factor when it comes to field situations.

The parallax correction is adjusted manually on the left turret. The upper turret accommodates the battery compartment for a CR123A cell and the tools needed to adjust the reticle. Both the elevation and windage adjustment are located on the central tube below a cover that can be that is removed using a mini-Torx key.

Illumination is easily configured between 64 different brightness levels. Switching between them is as simple as holding down a button.


We are delighted to say we have the dS 5-25x52 P available for pre-order here on our e-Store. We also offer an extensive collection of their various riflescopes, binoculars, accessories, and more! Pre-order the dS 5-25x52 P now and receive it in January 2019.

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