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Pistol Review: The ALL-NEW Glock G45

When the 19X came out, it was something out of our imagination. Now Glock comes out with a new and improved variation of the 19X, the Glock G45. It combines a compact slide with a full size frame and has all the benefits of a Gen5 model while utilizing Glock's military design.

After the release of the 19X, there as been an increasing demand for a a version of the pistol in black. Thus resulting in the G45


At first glance, the G45 looks like a copy of the 19X, but in black. They are both compact crossovers with pistol grips the length of the G17 and slide lengths the same as the G19. However, it does have a few principal differences.

The most significant enhancement between the G45 and 19X is the Glock nDLC finish. This unique finish, exclusive to the Glock manufacturing process, is an ion-bonded finish that reduces corrosion and scratching.

Another attractive feature of the G45 is the ergonomically-designed flared magwell that allows you to easier to funnel the magazine and quickly change between magazines. Glock also designed it so the G45 can run all of the new Gen5 mags, which I find extremely beneficial.

Glock also incorporated the new Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB) into the G45. It is a match-grade barrel that features a recessed target-style crown, tighter chamber specs and more aggressive rifling to deliver improved accuracy.

Now for one of the most notable changes, the inclusion of front slide serrations. At Somarriba, we found the serrations improved grip on the slide significantly. Both the depth and width of the serration was spot-on.

Glock has also eliminated the lanyard plug and the half-moon cut on the magwell.


Order the G45 or the 19X right here from our online shop!

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