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Riflescope Review: The ALL-NEW Blaser Infinity

Blaser is a manufacturer that produces only the most prestigious of firearms and riflescopes are no different. Blaser utilizes a combination of wold-class target optics that allows hunter to use the potential of their rifle to the fullest.


One of the many unique features of the Infinity is that it utilizes a reticle in the first focal plane that way the point of impact cannot be changed when switching magnification due to the Infinity's special design. This allows the reticle to overlay the target image before the mechanisms of the zoom system come into play.

Many modern riflescopes from renowned manufacturers come in the second focal plane and many may prefer that. However, as mentioned by Blaser, this is largely done due to cost-efficiency and can cause deviations from the point of impact when adjusting magnification. Blaser has created an uncommon yet very effective design using the first focal plane that ensures no mechanical tolerances influence the point of impact when changing magnification.

When it comes to fast and intuitive shooting, the first focal plane does have it's many advantages. It allows shooters to efficiently utilize reticle subtensions for target distance estimations. This proven method eliminates the need for complex methods and allows you to easily estimate range. The Infinity is devised in such a way that even with the reticles in the first focal plane, the distance between the reticle bars in relation to the target size remains constant with any magnification you choose. In other words, your riflescope becomes a tool that can be used to estimate the shooting distance almost instantaneously.

QDC - Quick Distance Control

Shooting at distances at 350+ yards while hunting is a rarity, however being prepared for those longshots is a necessity. With many riflescopes you may have to aim higher than the target in such situations, but with the reticle adjustment of the Blaser riflescopes that need is eliminated. Its highly precise and at the same time robust mechanics provide a consistently reliable repeat accuracy.

Blaser riflescope models, 2.8–20x50 iC and 4–20x58 iC, come with QDC as a standard. Before shooting over long distances, the elevation correction of the fast reticle can be done quickly even when in shooting position. The Infinity also insures that an unintentional adjustment is not possible. Nevertheless, hunter can make easy windage or elevation adjustments with just a twist of the hand, should they need to.


The Infinity itself has such a ergonomic outlook and design that makes you fall in love with it. It's very sleek and well-rounded providing a incredibly smooth feel. It doesn't stop there, Blaser has also outfitted it with tactile synthetic grips on adjustable knobs that come in very handy in the hunting situation.

It goes without saying that the Infinity is best outfitted for the Blaser R8 and I can tell you when they are matched together not only do they look simply stunning, but will exceed all expectations while out in the field. In addition, when using the Blaser mounts, that are available at our online shop, the entire setup becomes one system working together hand-in-hand. Blaser has constructed all these individual items to match perfectly, delivering exceptional performance. Don't get me wrong, each of these products works superbly on it's own, but in a all Blaser combo, the sky is the limit.


Compared to riflescopes featuring a 56 mm objective lens diameter, 58 mm provides an additional light yield of 7%. This allows use of a higher magnification with better detail recognition in nighttime conditions.

This scope is best equipped for twilight conditions and when hunting in the very last light. It;s excellent light yield far exceeds what other scopes provide in such low-light conditions. It does all this while maintaining high contrast and sharp detail.

For the long range shooter, the 20 x magnification also comes in very handy allowing you to identify game at long ranges.


We are proud to say that we are premium dealers with Blaser having most of their products available online and in-shop. Not only do we have the Blaser Infinity scope in-stock, but we also stock the Blaser Primus binocular. Come to discover the world of Blaser optics!

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