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Shotgun Review: Caesar Guerini's Limited Edition Maxum Gold

Based of the Guerini Maxum, the Maxum Gold is a shotgun that truly represents the prestige and quality of Caesar Guerini and their famed Italian design flair. The Maxum Gold is a true collector grade shotgun, incorporating a beautiful wood that captures the eye to amazing performance in the field and to top it all of, engraving that will make you fall in love with it instantly.


Right off the bat, you can instantly feel the Maxum's incredibly balanced design and handling qualities. The wood to metal finish is excellent and it incorporates a small, smooth, black recoil pad that doesn’t snag on mounting.

Both the top and side ribs are ventilated to maximize the cooling area and also help keep the weight of the Maxum's barrels down to a very manageable level. In fact it weighs in a fraction over 8lb, varying slightly from shotgun to shotgun due to wood density.

The lightweight barrels have solid center ribs that keep out debris, 8-6 mm solid tapered top rib in 12 gauge and 7-5 mm top rib in sub gauges, completed by a high luster deep blue finish. All Caesar Guerini field guns come with a velvet lined lockable hard case and five precision patterned flush chokes (CYL, IC, M, IM, F).

The Maxum Gold incorporates several stunning features all developed from the studios of the world renowned Italian engraving house, Bottega Incisioni C. Giovanelli. Giovanelli's prestige in engravings and design is unquestionable, everything down to the finest detail is worked on to produce functioning works of art. The Maxum features a deep relief floral scroll hand finished engraving on the receiver, side plates, and forearm assembly all of which were completed by master gunsmiths.

An elegant coin finish complements the brilliantly detailed classic-style engraving, creating a deadly work of art. Supplementing the beauty of the deeply sculpted engraving is a deluxe grade of Turkish walnut, featuring precision cut 26 lines-per-inch checkering and a natural glossy-oil finish that is hand rubbed to perfection.

GUERINI ELITE DEALERS We house two configurations of the limited-edition Maxum Gold including the 12 GA 30" and the 12 GA 30" with Adjustable Stock.

We are elite dealers with Caesar Guerini and house over ten of their most prestigious shotguns both online and in-store. Call 305-252-6677 for any questions on our Guerini products!

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