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Somarriba's Best: The Blaser R8 Individual!

At Somarriba, Inc. we house all varieties of rifles from all sorts of manufacturers spanning from vintage over-under shotguns to long-range target rifles, however one the best overall bolt-action rifles for hunting is the Blaser R8. It guarantees spot-on performance every time no matter the circumstances. The R8 comes in many different models and through our many years of hunting outfitting, we recommend the R8 Individual!


The R8 is based on an incredibly simple and modular system that allows for easy take-down, cleaning, and increases overall reliability. Like the R93, another renowned Blaser rifle, the R8 operates on a straight-pull bolt action. What is unique about the R8 is the larger bolt and it utilizes different geometries in the locking mechanism to enhance the strength of the action.

The R8 has a collet located behind the bolt-head that is slotted into 13 segments and has a raised ridge in the front. As the bolt is closed and cammed shut, the collet is pushed forward against a tapered section at the rear of the bolt head. This causes the front ridge to expand outward and into a groove in the barrel, locking the bolt to the barrel in a full 360-degree contact for maximum durability and reliability. The harder the bolt pushes back, the tighter the collet holds.


Precision and durability are two words that are instantly associated with the R8. It features hammer-forged barrels and actions to ensure that the chamber dimensions and alignment with the bore are perfect every time, boosting accuracy monumentally.

Another attractive feature of R8 barrels is the large-scale bedding which guarantees repeatable accuracy even when exchanging the barrel.


In any hunting situation, nature is always a factor. However when it comes to Blaser's precision trigger you can forget about having to worry about nature getting in the way. The desmodromic trigger mechanism guarantees your trigger will function even when iced or heavily soiled. The mechanical advantage of a simple lever will ensure success even in the harshest conditions.


For decades, Blaser’s manual cocking system has been acknowledged as one of the safest in the world. There is no mechanical safety system that guarantees the safety of an uncocked firing spring. The R8 is cocked the very moment before shooting and should the shot not be taken, by simply pressing down on the cocking lever, it will slide back smoothly, decocking the rifle.


When your out in the hunting setting, extreme weather is always a factor. Blaser ensures that stock deformation due to extreme weather can never affect the position of the barrel.

Another uncomfortable aspect when stalking over long distances, is having to carry a rifle over all these miles, eventually 10 pounds feels like 100. With the R8 that is no longer an issue, it is easily stripped down and reassembled in a matter of seconds without the slightest change in the point of impact.

When it comes to taking that perfect shot, the R8 leaves nothing to chance. It utilizes a modular system, premium barrels and receivers, incredible triggers, and to top it all off, the well-balanced weight distribution ensures quick target acquisition.


We have range-tested the R8 countless times over several years and the results are consistent. Less than 3/4" groups at a 100 yards. The R8 embodies superb accuracy, precision, and reliability.


At Somarriba, Inc. we are an established Blaser dealer with over 40 over their products online with several R8 models with a variety of calibers. Call 305-252-6677 for any questions regarding Blaser products!

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