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Shotgun Review: The Benelli Montefeltro Combo Shotgun

It is a challenge finding a shotgun that you can properly use and enjoy from your early adolescent years until your adult years and pass on to your own children. The Benelli Montefeltro Combo eliminates that challenge coming with two stocks fitting children and adults alike, by the simple switching of a stock.

The Montefeltro is an elegant semi-automatic shotgun that stands out for its reliability, light weight and pattering performance. It is the ideal shotgun for hunters who want a shotgun that is quick to shoulder and intuitive to point. Coming with both a compact and adult stock, it is also perfect for hunters of smaller stature, younger shooters and women.


Like the Super Black Eagle 3 or the ETHOS Sport, at the heart of the Montefeltro is the ultra-reliable Interia Driven System that eliminates many of the pesky annoyances that comes with a gas-operated system.

Like all Montefeltro's, this shotgun is a pinnacle of the interia driven system, featuring a slim, graceful forend keeping weight minimal and the swing quick. For your next bird hunting expedition, there is no better. The advantage of the Interia Driven System in the Montefeltro is the elimination of any springs or gas cylinders under the forend it to fit straight to the tube.

When bird hunting, carrying a ten-pound shotgun can seem easy at the beginning of the day, but at the end it can feel like fifty and that's when the Monetfeltro enters. Using an anodized, lightweight receiver along with the Interia Driven System, the Montefeltro with the compact stock weighs a total of 5.4 pounds. This significant advantage is something your body will thank you later for when you buy the Montefeltro.

When it comes to cleanliness and speed, gas-operated systems simply cannot compare to the Interia Driven system which is known to be able to fire 500,000+ rounds and still function without flaw. The Montefeltro is a shotguns a child can grow up with, shoot all his life, then pass on to his own children with no issues. This is a shotgun that lasts many lifetimes.

The system's simple, small design allows it to be quicker than other gas-operated systems. Unlike a gas-operated shotgun, the Montefeltro blows shell grime right out of the barrel, saving you the headache of constantly cleaning to maintain an clean system.


When it comes to bird hunting, the Montefeltro exceeds expectations. All Montefeltro's are cyrogenically treated using Benelli's CRIO System. This system combines a barrel frozen to -300° F with a cryogenically treated, longer choke tube.

The many advantages of the CRIO System:

  • Relieves the stresses caused by hammer forging

  • Creates an even-grained, slick surface

  • Means less resistance against wads and shot

To help put it into a better perspective:

Don't miss the chance to experience several configurations of the Montefeltro on July 21st at our 2018 Benelli Event!


Magazine Capacity: 4+1

Chokes: Crio® IC, Crio® M, Crio® F

Caliber: 20 GA

Type of Sights: Red-Bar Front

Length of Pull: 14-3/8″

Drop at Heel: 2-1/4″

Drop at Comb: 1-1/2″

Minimum Recommended Load: 2-1/2 dram, 7/8 oz. loads

Drop at Heel Compact stock - 2-1/8"

Overall Length Compact stock - 45.6"

Average Weight Compact stock - 5.4 lbs.


Ergonomics: * * * The Montefeltro is the perfect shotgun whether you are just starting out in your teens or an experienced bird hunter it is a joy to shoot. The lightweight, slim design keeps the swing quick. Everything from loading shells to shooting shells, its all easy and simple. While it does not feature all the new systems that other Benelli shotguns have, it gets the job done every time.

Reliability: * * * * * With Benelli's Interia Driven system its hard to top that kind of reliability and simplicity. It cycles beautifully. You would not have to worry about any system malfunction even after you passed it on to your own children.

Overall: * * * *

On any bird hunting expedition, no matter how much your shooting you can count on the Benelli Montefeltro


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