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The Recommended Muzzleloader From Somarriba: The Encore Pro Hunter XT

When it comes to accurate and dependable muzzleloaders, the Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter XT exceeds expectations. A leader in the Encore product line, the Encore Pro Hunter XT is built for the ultimate hunter. This muzzleloader features T/C’s Quick Load Accurizor, Weather Shield coating and proprietary Speed Breech XT for convenient cleaning.

The Pro Hunter XT takes it further than the already remarkable Pro Hunter with new innovative features and attention to fine detail. Equipped with the FlexTech stock system and Hogue overmolded rubber grip panels, recoil is reduced by 43% and absorbs the harmful recoil and vibration that punishes the shooter and damages scopes. The fluted barrel helps reduce weight and maximize heat dissipation. Adjustable Williams fiber-optic sights let you put your shot right on the target with ease.

To ease the loading process and increase accuracy, T/C uses the Quick Load Accurizer, in which the last inch of barrel length is devoid of rifling. This patented feature also helps reduce damage to the rifling over time. In addition, the Power Rod ramrod makes loading quicker and less painful. T/C adds to the convenience with the E-Z tip Extractor™ that allows the primer extractor to be tipped out of the way by hand for easy removal of the breech plug. Yet another favorable feature is the Swing Hammer, an adjustable hammer that can be offset to allow easy access to the hammer spur when the rifle is scoped.

For those looking for durable and dependable muzzleloader, the Pro Hunter FX 209X50 Magnum is a smart choice.

  • Encore Pro Hunter XT Camo

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