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Pistol Review: The New & Improved SIG Sauer P210 Target

Known as one of the world's most reliable and accurate pistols, Sig Sauer is now recreating the 1947 Swiss P210 in America! This new and improved P210 will take the precision of its 1947 Swiss predecessor and customize it with new sleek walnut target grips, precision-machined slide and frame, and a lightweight target trigger.

Sig Sauer has taken all the history and ingenuity of the original P210 and combined it with modern ergonomics to produce something that we have only dreamed of. The stainless steel slide and frame are precision machines and then coated with standard Nitron coating to help ward off rust and increase durability. The target grade trigger is something of fantasy, breaking at a crisp 3.5 pounds with virtually no take-up and return. Along with it's high-quality carbon steel barrel, the P210 easily maintains 3" groups at 20 yards in the hands of any average shooter. To top it all off, the custom walnut target grips with checkering create a controlled, secure grip in any situation.

P210 is the pistol for the most demanding shooter looking for the ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE. Take a sneak peek to the NEW P210 at our store.

Pre-order your P210 from Somarriba, Inc. now and receive it in less than a few short weeks.

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