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SIG Sauer Silencers: The SRD556-QD & SRD338TI-QD

SIG Sauer has now developed groundbreaking silencer technology that reduces size, sound, and weight, while maximizing accuracy and durability. SIG developed their latest innovations in silencers using battle-proven engineering, testing, advanced manufacturing techniques.

Sound reduction is only one factor that SIG has accounted for in signature reduction. In order to develop a superior product, SIG has taken muzzle flash, suppressor durability, system reliability, size and weight, and accuracy into account while developing their next-gen silencers. The first sign of SIG's innovative design is the lack of an outer tube. By removing the outer tube in its rifle suppressors, SIG has integrated a full array of performance improvements including, greater sound reduction, reduced flash, increased durability, lighter weight, and greater reliability.

Another factor in SIG's innovative design is the new Taper-Lok™ Fast-Attach System that enables quick and simple installation of your muzzle device. This design optimizes alignment, improving accuracy and greatly reducing point-of-impact shift, even after multiple install/removal cycles.

SIG has also designed their silencers to survive extreme circumstances. Using Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating, the silencer is protected against high temperatures, compared to Cerakote™ which may crack or peel under extreme heat. PVD also resists scratching, unlike other heat-tolerant coatings that are brittle and can scratch easily.


Several of SIG's rifle suppressors are available at Somarriba, Inc. along with an extensive collection of their products. For more information or questions on any SIG Sauer products call us at 305-252-6677.

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