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Optic Review: Leupold's DeltaPoint Pro

When it comes to red-dot sights, there is no better than the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. This amazing optic is up to every challenge that faces it no matter the terrain or the situation. This pocket-sized reflex sight meets every expectation from competitive shooting to home defending.

This diminutive yet powerful optic utilizes a lightweight aluminum housing that is shrouded by spring steel for the ultimate in ruggedness and protection while the aspheric lens generates a wide field-of-view with some of the best image quality ever seen in a reflex sight. Leupold’s renowned Motion Sensor Technology detects any movement of the sight and automatically activates the illumination reticle which is inset into a light tunnel to reduce the light signature in tactical situations. The simple yet elegant, spring actuated battery compartment makes changing the battery efficient and easy while being impervious to water at a depth of 33 feet. The 1 MOA elevation and windage adjustments eliminate the need for adjustment lock screws making it simpler and easier to handle in any situation.

From handguns to ARs, the precise DeltaPoint Pro is always a step ahead ready to adapt to any circumstance. Adding to the appeal, the DeltaPoint Pro provides a variety of mounting options allowing you to utilize a single optic for different applications.

The Deltapoint Pro currently fits the following pistols: Beretta 92F * 1911 * Glock * Glock MOS * Sig 226 * Springfield CZ 75 * HK P2000 * Kimber Fixed/Adjustable * S&W M&P S&W Classic *

At Somarriba, Inc. we carry an extensive collection of Leupold accessories and mounts all available in-store.

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