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Nighthawk/Korth Revolver Series: The Super Sport

Whenever Nighthawk Custom and Korth band together they always deliver outstanding pieces that are simply gorgeous. The new Super Sport features everything that a tactical, hunting, target,

and competition revolver needs and much more. The frame and all of it's parts are fully machined from the finest billet material available. The revolver as an ergonomic design that is extremely customization with Picatinny rails on both sides and the top along with sight that are easy to adjust and infinitely so. The Roller Trigger is one of the most astonishing aspects of this pistol. Nothing compares to the smoothness of the trigger that is enhanced by a 5-way adjustable double-action mechanism. Trigger stop, trigger return, main spring, double-action trigger progression, and sear adjustment can all be done simply and quickly. A Lothar Walther cold-forged polygon barrel maximizes both accuracy and performance. The Picatinny rails allow for red-dot sights, lasers, or other accessories as desired. Perhaps one of the most desirable aspects of the revolver is that the cylinder can be removed easily and quickly for cleaning or replacing and convert between 9mm/.357 Special conversion cylinder. The Super Sport is truly everyting you will ever need.

At Somarriba, Inc. we are directly supplied by Nighthawk Custom with some of their most exclusive firearms that can be viewed right here in out e-Store. We are glad to say that we have the Super Sport in stock along with many other pieces, don't miss your chance to have one of Nighthawk's famed pistols!

Check out the link below for more information and images:

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