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Somarriba Package: Volquartsen Mamba-X + Trijicon RMR!

When looking to purchase a high performing firearm, no corners should be cut and that is why we have released an all new Somarriba Package with the ultra accurate Mamba-X and the world renowned RMR. With our packages you can spend more of your time enjoying shooting your firearm and rest easy knowing the sighting and installation of this package was done right!


A little on the Mamba-X, it comes outfitted with multiple hole mounting locations specifically meant to mount a red dot with the design ergonomics to support that style of shooting. Volquartsen has also done an excellent job of keeping the red dot mounted as low as possible which translates to faster sight acquisition.

Now for the package itself, we received both the Mamba-X and RMR directly from their respective factories and handed them off to our in-house master gunsmith who installed the RMR and bore sighted it to ensure minimal fine tuning has to be done by the user!

The result is a complete setup that is ready for anything from a fun day at the range to your next competition!



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