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Rifle Review: Mauser's 98 DWM - A Timeless, Legendary Design!

A timeless design that has been in production on and off for well over a century, Mauser is now bringing back a German legend, the 98 'Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken' or DWM.

To put in perspective, the significance of the M98 systems of the series DWM 1908 and DWM 1909 as well as the original M98 have armed men on both sides of two world wars and continues to be seen around the world in conflicts to this day. Taking it a step further, modern companies looking to develop more accurate and precise rifles are still basing their action on the M98 or utilizing many of its design features.


Founded in 1896, eighty-five years after Mauser, DWM entered in many partnerships with Mauser supplying the world with the Mauser 98 rifle system especially with their series DWM 1908 and DWM 1909 and now Mauser has gone ahead to revive the old connection and awakens the legend DWM to life.

To give a little background on the 98 system, it is centered around a bolt with two front lugs and a large non-rotating claw extractor that takes hold of a cartridge as it leaves the magazine and holds it firmly until the cartridge strikes the receiver-mounted ejector blade and is ejected from the action providing a true controlled feed. The 98 design also incorporates a third lug, set at the rear, that acts as a safety lug in the event of a catastrophic ammunition failure. At no time during the feeding, firing or extraction of the cartridge the claw relinquish its grip on the case rim resulting in no failed extracts and reduced jams.


Now for the newest iteration of the 98 DWM, a grade nine stock or higher is finished with a high gloss along with a truly elegant combination of light and dark steel that really allows the 98 DWM to catch the eye instantly and if you're not careful, you will fall in love with it. That combined with the features of the proven and indestructible 98 system makes for a complete package.


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