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Rifle Review: The World Renowned Mauser M98

The Mauser M98 is without a doubt the most copied action of all-time and one of the most dependable rifles ever produced. It has proven itself in combat spanning over several conflicts including two world wars. Not only that, but it has also displayed it's incredible performance and dependability on hunting grounds from the polar ice to the equator.

The design of the 98 truly emphasizes, "elegance in simplicity", and Mauser's decision to put the world’s most famous bolt action back in production is a game-changer.


At Somarriba, Inc. we are all avid hunters and firearm enthusiasts and we can say without a doubt, the Mauser M98 is the best firearm for big game hunting, no doubt about it. Now that Mauser has began new producing the 98 action, they have added several models that fit every aspect of hunting.

You have the M98 Magnum for the African big game safari rounds. It utilizes a long action and high-power cartridges meant for taking down the top of the food chain game. It comes in a .375 H&H Magnum, a .416 Rigby and even a .450 Rigby. Any hunter that holds an M98 can rely on it's supreme reliability and it's uncompromising firepower, providing enough capacity, six (-375) or five-shot (.416 and .450), that you are covered in any situation. Along with the legendary Mauser long extractor, the follow-up shot is safely and quickly at the ready.

Then you have the M98 STD Expert and the M98 STD Diplomat that comes in standard calibers including 7x57, 8x57IS, 9,3x62, .308 Win., and .30-06. We recommend these models for standard hunting such as, African plains-game, elk, moose, and game as such. Unlike the Magnum, these models are less robust and come with a shorter action.


The 98 design has been consistently improving since 1898 starting off with the Mauser 98 Karbine Model M24/47 that was first manufactured in 1924. Then the World War II-era K98k which served has a standard service rifle by the German Wehrmacht as well as several other military forces at the time.

Here's a look at how the K98k works and why it was so reliable:

Now lets get into the modern Mauser 98 design that has been cloned and copied in almost every imaginable way.

The M98 design is centered around a bolt with two front lugs and a large non-rotating claw extractor that takes hold of a cartridge as it leaves the magazine and holds it firmly until the cartridge strikes the receiver-mounted ejector blade and is ejected from the action providing a true controlled feed. The 98 design also incorporates a third lug, set at the rear, that acts as a safety lug in the event of a catastrophic ammunition failure. At no time during the feeding, firing or extraction of the cartridge the claw relinquish its grip on the case rim resulting in no failed extracts and reduced jams.

The new M98's are a perfect blend of a reliable classic design with modern manufacturing techniques, making it more durable, powerful, and efficient than ever before. It utilizes several key features that are vital while big-game hunting.

The M98 incorporates a traditional rear-mounted three-position flag safety which is simpler to use and more compact. Ironically, this safety design is taken directly from the Winchester Model 70, a gun that is an offspring of the 98 design. In addition, Mauser utilizes a contemporary three-pound trigger with no pullback or over-travel that rivals target firearms. While out in the field, this trigger is a feature to be greatly appreciated.

To top it all off, Mauser coats all their new M98's with a plasma nitride finish that provides an excellent defense against corrosion while giving the metal a deep, beautiful shine that makes you fall in love with it instantly.

Here's an close-up look at African big-game hunting with the M98 straight from Mauser:


We are honored to say we are premium dealers with Mauser and house many of their M98 models, as well as the M12 and M03 models.

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