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NEW IN-STOCK: Volquartsen's Scorpion - The Best Rimfire Pistol!

When it comes to the .22 rimfire pistol market, there is plenty to go around, but as always Volquartsen differentiates themselves with their own outside-of-the-box thinking that has resulted in some of the most accurate and lightweight rimfire pistols in the world.

Enter the Scorpion, the ultimate .22 LR range pistol for the money. Through the base combination of Volquartsen's LLV Competition Upper and their lightweight VC Target Frame along with a plethora of variations and modifications, the Scorpion is perfect for any situation.


The Scorpion, as mentioned before, is a superb competition pistol. Many of our clients have purchased variations of the Scorpion and they all come back with the same feedback, it is simply a tackdriver.

For those looking to purchase a rimfire pistol for hunting, the Scorpion is an ideal choice. Many rimfire pistols simply do not have the accuracy needed and jam regularly. That is not the case with the Scorpion. Moreover, if you're looking to have some fun at the range without breaking the bank, again the Scorpion is a phenomenal choice.

A major feature of the Scorpion that plays a crucial part in it's accuracy is Volquartsen's Competition Bolt which is:

  • CNC-machined and ground for superior fit and finish

  • Includes Exact Edge Extractor and SureStrike Firing Pin.

  • Extended Bolt Racker machined integral to the bolt for improved manual cycling of the bolt

  • Case hardened and then treated with a high performance premium finish that offers many advantages.

  • Increased hardness

  • Low residual stress

  • Increased lubricity

  • Low coefficient of friction

  • Improved wear resistance

  • Requires much less lubrication

To read more on the Scorpion check out our previous review:


We have both a 4" and 6' variant of the Scorpion with both in a 1911 style configuration. The 4' boasts a compensator out of the box while the 6" sports a threaded barrel. Both make excellent plinking guns at the range, however the 6" is perfectly suited for competition shooting.

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